The Church of the Transfiguration Events -Ongoing

Community events that meet at the Church of the Transfiguration-


Thursday Evenings- Young at Heart (AA)

Saturday Morning- Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

Sunday Afternoon- Girl Scouts, 3rd and 4th Sundays of the month

4th Monday of the Month- Community Caregivers of Greater Derry

Ongoing Church Events

Monthly: Steering Committee- meets the second Tuesday of the month. Vestry meets the third Tuesday of the month. Both meetings are at 7:00 PM.
Elijah’s Table- Free community meal 2:00- 3:00 PM second Sunday of the month

Mary Ellen’s Table- Breakfast, 4th Sunday of the month every other month: July,  September, November, January, March, May 9:00AM-10:00 AM   ( Note: July is a new addition)

Mabel Haslam Guild – meets the first Monday of the month at 7:00 PM

Weekly Church Events

Sunday- Service at 10:00 AM followed by coffee hour

Tuesday-  Adult Bible Study on Zoom 10:30 AM


Wednesday – Compline 7:00 PM on Zoom

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