Our Mission

Our mission is to proclaim the transfiguring love of God for all God’s children through worship and service, welcome and caring, word and deed.

  • We share an interfaith campus with Etz Hayim Synagogue and engage in joint programs such as lecture series, discussion groups, Elijah’s Table community dinners, and an interfaith Thanksgiving service.

  • Transfiguration provides space for community groups including AA, Narcotics Anonymous, Community Alliance for Teen Safety and Success by 6.

  • We are committed to service to the community and world including giving toward the United Nations Millennium Development Goals to eradicate extreme poverty.

One thought on “Our Mission”

  1. My visit on 1/22/17 was an exceptionally warm-welcoming one. Thank you!

    Would love to see the liturgical headings listed on the Sundays in your calendar.

    Will definitely visit again.

    Fr. Ray, one can definitely sense your faith and dedication.

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To proclaim the transfiguring love of God through worship & service, welcome & caring, word & deed