Reflection – June 2018

God Laughs! Creation is the sound of His laughter. The Resurrection is God’s joyful laughter! The Spirit is the laughter of the Father and the Son; the expression of joyful delight they take in each other’s presence. I read recently that perhaps laughter’s evolutionary purpose is tied to fight and flight. When a seemingly threatening situation occurs, but is discovered to be no threat at all, laughter is the signal to the rest of the group, “Never mind, nothing to fear here”. In religious language, “Be not afraid.”

God’s laughter, the Spirit, is the awe a mathematician feels upon the revelatory insight into the beauty and harmony of a mathematic principle. It’s why Victor Borge can make us laugh with music. It’s what artists of all stripes know: the world is filled with laughter and there is nothing to fear, Rejoice! This is how every infant understands the world; looking out with wonder and delight, fearless.

The Spirit of God is powerful, but not in the old dualist understanding that God’s power is stronger than the power of evil. There is no eternal battle between the Forces of good and the Forces of evil where the outcome is in doubt. It’s not a fair fight. God’s Love has no equal, His mercy no limit! ….and we laugh!

In John’s Gospel ( 15:11 ) Jesus says, “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.”

Rev. Ray Bonin

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