Reflection – February 2018

Years ago I gave a retreat for a group of Catholic women on “Women in the Church”. I started out by telling them that I was exactly the wrong person to be giving that retreat. I was male, and worse I was a member of that other privileged class in the Church, I was a priest. I gave the retreat any way. I find myself in a similar situation today.
I was at the demonstration at the State House in Concord last week and I felt an electricity in the air, a fierce joy and determina- tion; something momentous is happening, and I am exactly the wrong person to be telling you about it. I am still male, and still cler- gy, still privileged in the church and in society.
At the demonstration were women, and men, of all ages and description. There was little anger and a great deal of joy. I had a sense that these were people who had broken through, who would no longer simply accept the status quo. People who had found their voice and had a plan: register to vote, vote and run for office.
Looking past the politics of the event, I felt the Spirit moving in that place. Something is happening. Our sisters are rising up and allowing themselves to be agents of change. They are encouraged by the presence of all these newfound sisters all around them, and their hearts are burning within them .More women are running for office this year than ever before. Something is happening.

Rev. Ray Bonin

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