Reflection – April 2017

“…what we have heard, what we have seen with our own eyes, what we have looked at and touched with our hands…” 1 John 1

We are pilgrims, and I have a certificate to prove it! 15
of us from both the synagogue and the church spent 8 days in
the Holy Land. We stood on the Mt of Olives, we prayed in the
Garden of Gethsemane and the Western Wall. We went down
to the depths of the Holy Sepulcher and the Holocaust Museum.
We sat together in the synagogue at Capernaum and
heard the echo of Jesus unrolling the scroll and reading, “ The
spirit of the Lord is upon me….” All this we heard, and saw
and touched. It was a profoundly spiritual experience for me.
To walk in the places that the person of Jesus walked in is
very powerful..

Yet, the trip to Israel was not necessary in order for me
to become a pilgrim. There are not thousands of miles between
us and the Holy Land; we are all pilgrims because true
pilgrimage is an interior journey. We are still in Lent, walking
through that interior landscape, traveling from the heights of
the Mount of Olives to the darkness of the Holy Sepulcher. It’s
a difficult pilgrimage because we don’t always like what we
find there. The darkness of our sinfulness limits our vision,
but we also discover oases of God’s mercy and the hope of
God’s lovingkindness there. They refresh us and give us the
courage to continue to Golgotha and at last to arrive at the
empty tomb. These interior places are our Holy Land where we
hear and see and touch the Christ; it’s where He lives most

Thank God for my companions of the trip to Israel, whose weariness
I felt, and whose joy I shared. Thank God for you, my
Lenten companions, I cannot make this journey alone. Soon
we will gather in the Upper Room and be amazed at his presence
among us.

Rev. Ray Bonin

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